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We're Pillargy,
a team of creative women from around the globe.

Creative women doing extraordinary things

Who are we?

Pillargy is one of the leading online learning platforms for creative women. Founded by educators across a range of fields, Pillargy is helping women achieve their creative goals in writing, speaking and goal planning.


What do we do?

We teach busy women how to express themselves in a world of clutter. We’re all about helping women learn at their own pace independent of outside pressure to perform. 

About our Courses

Write your way to success
We specialise in book writing courses for women. We’ll help release your inner creativity and teach you the practical steps of writing a book and nailing a daily writing habit. We’re experts in creative fiction and will help your writing flourish.
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We know that speaking is more than just standing on a stage and talking. We understand that ‘speaking up’ is also difficult and we’re passionate about helping women do this effectively. • We’ll help you overcome stage fright, develop master storytelling, and wow an audience.
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Goal Planning Courses
We’ll help you set goals that align with your life vision and learn practical strategies to achieve that. We'll even place you in an 'accountability group' with other like-minded women to help you.
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