We're a team of teachers who live and breathe storytelling

In this 6 module course, we’ll help you…

  • Learn the proven techniques to successful writing habits.
  • Beat procrastination.
  • Overcome the ‘imposter syndrome’ in your writing career.
  • Develop your personal writing style.
  • Complete a project within six months.

4 Week Creative Writing masterclass

  • Release your inner creative genius and master the art of story-telling.
  • Learn the fundamentals of narrative sequencing, characters & description.
  • Study famous writers and their techniques.
  • Receive direct feedback on your own writing.
  • Learn the best writing competitions to enter.
  • Learn how to organise a speech and use time to your advantage.
  • Understand the psychological factors in your audience
  • Learn how to engage an audience through storytelling and technology.
  • Learn how to use your personality to your advantage.

Dream big - Goal planning Course

Do you feel stuck in your career and want to discover your true passion?

  • Learn your personality type & how this shapes you.
  • Work out your biggest goals & how to walk them out.
  • Learn how to stop procrastinating & start doing.
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